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Property Crimes

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Experienced San Antonio Property Crimes and Theft Lawyers

Property crimes range dramatically, from felony charges to misdemeanor offenses.

Whether you have been arrested for armed robbery or shoplifting, a theft conviction will impact all areas of your life.

To have the best chance at minimizing the consequences of your arrest, you need a skilled criminal defense attorney that will help you fight the charges, avoid conviction, and protect your record.

Our lawyers have the reputation of intelligent and aggressive criminal defense in San Antonio.

We provide comprehensive defense services against property crime charges, including theft, to clients throughout the area. Contact us today to discuss your case.

We Are Prepared to Represent You Against All Property Crime Charges

A conviction for a property crime can result in severe consequences, depending on any prior criminal charges and the amount of property stolen. You could be facing restitution, fines, or serious prison time. The experience of our legal team with property crime defense envelops a broad spectrum of misdemeanor and felony charges, which include:

  • General theft and shoplifting, which may be considered a felony and can result in prison or jail sentences, depending primarily on the value of the property or goods
  • Burglary of a San Antonio building or home
  • Aggravated robbery and robbery
  • Forgery or passing of bad checks
  • Credit card fraud
  • A range of internet crimes, including identity theft

Our highly skilled defense attorneys have defended a significant number of clients against property crime charges at every level, from complex appellate cases to state and federal courts. Our lawyers are proficient at investigating criminal charges and developing comprehensive defense strategies. We study and research every case diligently, always pursuing a positive outcome for every one of our clients. Every available option will be rigorously examined to get your case dismissed and fight your charges.

Burglary Charges Demand a Staunch Defense

If you or a loved one is facing a burglary charge, you shouldn’t mistake it for being a relatively minor property crime offense. The law in Texas delivers strict punishments for burglary convictions, as prosecutors commonly push for the maximum sentence to be given.

The alleged burglary of a business, car, or home is often treated more severely than many other property crimes or other types of theft, as the unlawful component of trespass or entry is included. Many judges, prosecutors, and even members of the jury view a burglary charge as particularly indefensible and unpardonable due to the perceived privacy invasion that is attached to the allegations.

Your future is on the line if you have been accused of entering a business, vehicle or home with the intent to commit an assault, theft or felony, including remaining in a property after the permission to lawfully stay has ceased. A burglary charge is a serious offense.

Even a first-time offense which results in a conviction can put you in jeopardy of facing up to 20 years in prison. Background checks are a common and increasing occurrence in job opportunities and other life needs, so having a theft-related offense on your record can severely impact all areas of your life, for the rest of your life.

Competent Support in Complex Property Crime Cases

The law in Texas grants prosecutors a broad authority when it comes to charging individuals with theft crimes.

Concealing, receiving or possessing stolen property is a grave charge relating to just about any theft offense. A prosecutor will commonly attach a receiving stolen property charge to allegations of passing a bad check or a burglary offense.

The charges and accusations of being in possession of stolen property or receiving stolen goods are more intricate than they initially seem. To support a conviction, the prosecutor needs more evidence than just mere possession of the stolen property.

They need to prove that you were aware that the property was stolen, so you could have a substantial defense if you received a gift that turned out to be stolen.

You should never take the allegations of the prosecutor as the truth. All details are important, and we leave no stone unturned when researching, preparing, and presenting your defense to the alleged charges.

Contact Skilled San Antonio Property Crimes Lawyers

Whether you have a criminal record and your freedom is at stake or you are protecting the future of a juvenile first offender, your attorney can make all the difference. We defend many cases in San Antonio, applying various effective strategies. We can create doubt about the presence of criminal intent, refute witness testimony, and challenge circumstantial evidence.

Contact us today for the help you need. We will make every effort to assist you in achieving the best possible outcome for your unique situation.

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