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Domestic Violence

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Domestic Violence Attorney in San Antonio, Texas

If you or a loved one is facing domestic abuse charges, or have already been charged, you need to contact a criminal defense attorney that will be by your side without judgment.

We believe that your rights should be defended and protected under the law.

We will exhaust all options to help you avoid prison or jail, fight for the reduction of your charges or seek a penalty that does not include imprisonment.

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Domestic Violence in Texas

Texas law most commonly refers to domestic abuse or domestic violence as violent behavior between partners.

Domestic violence can also apply to elder abuse, child abuse or violence between cohabitants, ex-spouses, ex-partners, roommates, or family members.

There is no need for the behavior to cause bodily injury to be charged with domestic violence.

A broad range of offenses fall under the general category of domestic violence, including:

  • Child abuse
  • Violation of a restraining order
  • Assault and battery
  • False imprisonment or kidnapping
  • Stalking
  • Sexual assault
  • Verbal threats

Commonly, a prosecutor will base their case on proving that the demonstrated behavior was an intent to control or dominate the other person physically. If they can prove this, it will end in a domestic violence conviction, as the victim felt a threat of violence, even if there was no written or verbal threat. It’s important to note that individuals are prohibited from owning a firearm if they have been convicted of domestic violence.

Common Domestic Violence Crimes

Commonly, most forms of domestic violence happen between spouses. Therefore, even if the alleged violence and charge has been against a boyfriend, girlfriend or roommate, the crime will be tried as if it was a spousal abuse crime. You need the assistance of experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense lawyers if you have been charged with an assault crime or a common domestic crime. You can be facing severe penalties if convicted of spousal abuse, ranging from up to $10,000 in fines to 20 years in prison.

Many things are ruled as domestic violence, including assaulting a family member if they sustained a minor injury during an argument. There is no need for the prosecutors to prove any injuries were sustained in an assault case, they only need to acknowledge that the defendant inflicted pain.

Other Domestic Violence Crimes

Other domestic crimes include kidnapping, sexual assault, battery, child abuse, and elder abuse.

If you have been accused of committing any of these offenses against a family member or someone in your household, it will most likely be deemed as family violence.

Police officers have the right to arrest you even if they have not been witnesses to the event or if the offense is a misdemeanor.

Police only need probable cause to justify the arrest, so if you have been charged with committing domestic violence, you need to contact our offices for the top domestic violence attorneys in San Antonio.

Domestic Battery

You may not be aware that there is no distinction between assault and battery in the state of Texas.

They are both termed merely as assault, so you need to remember that assault and battery are the same things under Texas law and that you could have allegedly committed battery, but you are being charged with assault. Therefore, you can be facing severe fines and jail time if you are accused of a simple domestic assault with injury.

San Antonio Domestic Violence Defense Lawyers

If you believe you are being investigated for domestic violence, or you have been charged with assault, you are most likely feeling concerned.

This is a serious crime with severe consequences and punishments. That’s why you need to contact the best lawyers for the case immediately, to make sure that everything possible is done to protect your reputation and your rights. Contact us today for an initial consultation and to discuss what we can do for you.

Your Defense Against Domestic Violence Charges

Most likely, a protective order or restraining order has been filed against you if you have been charged with a domestic violence crime. It’s imperative that you understand and respect the restrictions and the order placed on you, as this will go a long way towards benefitting your case.

Your best chance at a dismissal of your charge or a lesser sentence is an aggressive defense, which is what we are prepared to offer you.You can only get the strong defense you need for a successful trial with the help of an experienced domestic violence attorney.

Some previous successful defenses have been: the offense occurred without the knowledge of the defendant, the injury was due to self-defense, the attack was not intentional, and the injury was accidental. We have the experience necessary to offer you whichever defense best suits your case.